About Us

Elite Building Materials and Services Corp is located in No. 10 Unit D, Maimpok St. Sikatuna Village
Quezon City. It’s easy to get, and near Kalayaan in Quezon city.

We are not your ordinary hardware store, we are a supplier of some of the highest quality building materials
available in the Philippines.

We have a full range of building materials to suit the requirements of any builder or maintenance person.
These include all the electrical, plumbing, gas, steel,and timber products, and a wide variety of tools.


Some of our Products


Puyat steel - Apo roof
Puyat Steel Corporation was established in 1956 as the first galvanizing plant in the Philippines in answer
to the need of the country for galvanized iron sheets to be used in construction, building and roofing
materials. They are a world class manufacturer of coated steel products in the Philippines

Mariwasa Floors & Tiles
Founded in March 1966, Mariwasa is one of the pioneers in the Philippine ceramic tile industry. The
company produces ceramic products that meet world standards for beauty and durability.

Pioneer Pro
Pioneer Pro offers a broad range of products and systems for construction and industrial requirements.
They offer solutions in adhesives and sealants, structural reinforcement systems, protective coatings, and

Cranmore Windows & Doors
Supplier and distributor nationwide of uPVC & aluminum Windows and Doors. These are fabricated to
German quality standards, using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques.

Atlanta Industries
Atlanta Industries produces polyethylene (PE) pipes for water service, telecommunications system and gas
piping system. Atlanta pipes & fittings are made of choiced prime grade raw materials and manufactured
under a strict quality control procedure using the latest and most advanced extrusion and injection
equipment. Atlanta pipes meet international standards and conform to ISO, JIS, BS, PNS and ASTM

Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation
Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation is a world class manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds, excellent
quality pipes and fittings that serve the industry requirements for the building and construction,
telecommunications and infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

Campbridge Paints
Campbridge Paints Inc. is the Philippine's leading manufacturer of waterproofing materials. Campbridge
manufactures high quality waterproofing, primer and sealers, insulating, roofing and fireproofing coatings.

COLORSTEEL began as a trading company of prepainted long span steel roofing and roof engineering
services on December 16, 1994. From its simple roots in 1994, COLORSTEEL rose to become a major
player in the roofing industry. Today, they are a manufacturing powerhouse of roofing and framing systems,
with 5 roll-forming plants and more than 400 employees all across the country.